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Mr. Prabhas Paranjape is synonymous with packaging machines in India and abroad. Mr. Paranjape pioneered the first Liquid Packaging Machine followed by range of Technological wonders for packaging of Liquid, Solids, Semi solids or any material that can be pouch packed. Mr. Prabhas Paranjape's works and his outstanding technological contribution has resulted in almost Three thousand happy and satisfied customers.

Prime in pursuit of excellence and Ultra Modern Technology have mastered the latest developments in the field. Through hard work and research and development at the core level ,Prime has now created a liquid, viscous, solid product packaging machines. These machines are high tech still they are absolutely user friendly in terms of Operation, Maintenance and Service, thereby huge savings and profit earner to the owner.

We are sure that these latest developments and additional latest technology will be greatly beneficial for customers; so please take out some time and go through our product gallery. We will be quite happy to receive your feedback.

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