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Oil Packaging Machine

Common Features for our machine range :

  • Microprocessor based system for accurate pouch filling and sealing.
  • Minimum noise level of machine with mechanically operated system.
  • Machine Performance not affected up to plus or minus ten percent variation in electrical supply voltage.
  • All contact parts with filling products are made from stainless steel-AISI 304
  • Digital Display of machine output per minute on front panel.
  • The nature of fault in machine is displayed on LCD panel for ease of reflication.
  • The operational parameters of machine can be easily set on LCD panel.
  • Vertical and horizontal sealing stations employing impulse seal technique.

Product Application :

  • Machines for viscous product like edible oil/ghee etc.
  • Coding device: With date/code embossing or ink print device.
  • Panel printed packaging material: Optional feed back from photo sensor possible.

LBP 1K Machine For Oil (Single Head)


  • Machine output upto 1000 pouches per hour

LBP 2K Machine For Oil (Double Head)


  • Double head filling machine
  • Machine output upto 2000 pouches per hour
  • Allows maintenance of any filling head without stopping the machine.

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